Two-Step Direct Marketing Test & Analysis

SnapseedHello,Worthwhile People! Please take a moment to read how my Two-Step Marketing Tool worked for me and those surveyed! This was a great assignment to build my network of ideal clients, and to gather valuable information for growing my ideas for arts based businesses! Thanks to all who responded to the survey!

4 thoughts on “Two-Step Direct Marketing Test & Analysis

  1. I was so glad I was able to attend your presentation. Andy was also really happy to attend. I find that so many artists are introverts and networking can be hard. Your presentation not only gave him a chance to hear some great marketing tips, he was able to network with other creative folks. You were well prepared, your worksheet for goals around marketing strategy was super helpful, and your real life examples were spot on. So happy to meet you in person and thanks for your great insights.


  2. Hey Joy!

    I was interesting to see your marketing tool and how you went about the analysis. I think that you were able to accurately reach your ideal clients through these marketing tools. Going through these steps and motions will help i the future to be able to address marketing efforts as they arise. There is a ton to do in not so much time so being able to have these forms up and readily available for your ideal clients to fill out is going to help you collect the data you need for marketing efforts.


  3. Great work as always Joy. I have to know how you made a couple of these graphics like the one used here. Is this through Canva too? I have noticed throughout this course that you have a wonderful understanding of who your ideal client is. The responses and feedback you received is very thorough. I am glad that you were able to gain so much from the assignment in the form of ideas and networking growth! It is good to see you thinking forward as well!


  4. Great job Joy! I like how you coupled your presentation with your two-step method assignment. I think it enabled you to survey your target audience beyond collecting their general information. As always the format of your post was amazing and easy to read.


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