Goals, Networking, and Taking Action


Hello Artists, Makers, Crafters, and Dreamers! Here is an audio file of my talk Me, Inc., Visualizing Your Creative Practice in Business Terms. This is the first presentation in my Arts and Entrepreneurship Talks. Please note, this is just me, alone in my dining room, practicing being comfortable in front of an audience. Well, that’s not exactly true. I had an audience of four of my daughter’s stuffed animals. They were exceptionally attentive, but a bit lackluster in follow-up questions and conversation! However, the real talk at Starfangled Press went well, with eleven participants and a great round of questions and answers at the end. Thanks to the great group of creative entrepreneurs who came out to learn and support me in my education!

2 thoughts on “Goals, Networking, and Taking Action

  1. Those stuffed animals must have a been a great, interactive audience because you did a wonderful job! I did not find your presentation awkward. I think that you are a great speaker – I like that you are not monotone and that it sounds natural. I think that everything flowed/transitioned well and that you definitely sounded like an “expert”. Your presentation makes you sound very approachable which I’m sure is why your audience felt comfortable enough to ask plenty of questions after your presentation.


    • Thank you, Krista! I appreciate your positive feedback. It can be hard to gauge success when thinking back over an experience like this. I enjoyed myself, but I was really hoping my attendees went home with some information they could use. I hope to offer more talks at Starfangled Press. We would like to develop a little Arts & Entrepreneurship series.


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