Worthwhile Resources

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Is there anything more valuable in life than time?

Have you ever stopped to think about things that are worthwhile?

I do.

In fact, sometimes I write Worthwhile across the top of a piece of paper and make a list of the things I find worth the time spent. This practice helps me honor the pieces of my life that are important.  I love how the list can change from day to day, year to year. And I also love the way some things stay the same.  I always find it worthwhile to hug a loved one, take a nap, or brush my teeth. Sometimes a creative endeavor, such as painting, can seem futile when my efforts do not produce the results I was hoping for. But, if there is anything I know about creativity is that it is always worthwhile. The time spent creating something, building something, writing something, is always going to teach me a lesson in the process. Sometimes I learn about how to do it faster, neater, or more efficiently. Other times I learn something about myself; I learn about my capacity for patience, my need for control in the face of something outside of my control, or how I feel about a past experience as it filters through the creative process. Because I love to learn, I will never get tired of pursing a creative life. 

To my classmates in the Master of Entrepreneurship program: we are about to learn about this creative process. This is going to be so worthwhile!