Put on your headphones!

My husband is an audiophile and he is very particular about sound quality, sound harmony, and the wide variety of sounds objects make. I often catch him testing how unusual scales fit over the hum of his electric toothbrush. (Some other interesting audio tidbits: our vaccuum cleaner is in A, and when the ice-maker went on the fritz, the horrible grinding sound it made was in B flat.)

As a jazz trombonist and director of jazz bands, he is often transcribing music for his student band. He takes his headphones seriously. It is difficult to transcribe when you can’t hear all the parts. Careful and intentional listening is imperative.

My sweet husband recently gave me a pair of headphones as a gift for accepting a new job. As a creative Content Writer, I record interviews and other audio tasks within a busy communications office on campus. Headphones make these tasks easier. And, as you can imagine…he bought me niiiice headphones. (Not too expensive, but great sound quality.)

Of course my new headphones will accompany me to work, but I’ve recently discovered a list of podcasts I’d like to share with you.

Art podcasts! I mean, we all think of looking at art in galleries and museums. We copy drawings for practice and work from life. We read magazines and books about art. (I am a sucker for art books!) I never really considered listening to podcasts about art until my fancy new headphones and a random email put the two ideas together.

They recently sent me an email with a link to this selection of podcasts for artists

Skillshare is a recent joy I’ve discovered to take short little art-technique snacks, catch up on the world of content writing, and learn a little more about financial reports. They recently sent me an email with a link to this selection of podcasts for artists. There is literally something for everyone, and Skillshare loves to train new teachers. (Yes, you can offer a little art-technique snack to the World Wide Web and get paid for it!)

On a side note, I am not paid to say any of this. I just like the variety and afforability of Skillshare for my personal learning needs.

I wanted to share this list with my Worthwhile Studio mates as a way to learn more about your profession and your craft! Go on then! Put on your headphones! Remember to listen carefully and with intention.

4 thoughts on “Put on your headphones!

  1. I enjoyed the switch up of this post on your page! I certainly hear you (pun intended) on the excitement with your new headphones and skillshare. I’m going to look further into skillshare! Keeping things interesting by catching up on writing is important to me as well!


  2. I also spend a lot of time on podcasts. You should consider doing one for how to turn your art into business. I bet there isn’t one on that!


  3. I love Art Podcasts. One of my best friends and I listen to them when we paint and often talk about them when we catch up. I have never used Skillshare, but I did look over their site about a year ago when I was thinking of creating online workshops. I think it is a really awesome platform idea. They seem to have an extensive collection of workshops from so many creatives. This is invaluable to students because learning from many instructors gives you a broader view of how to do things and to eventually take that information to create your own way. Yet another thing we share in common. 🙂


  4. Wow…art podcasts are a great idea! Any way to get your work out to the creative community. There are so many ways to share with more of the world. The creative arts community has connected in so many wonderful ways. I went to a Breath and Clay Creative Arts conference in March and it blew my mind and energized my creativity.


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