Introducing The Co-Creative Challenge

Hello Studio Mates! I just wanted to share an exercise for one of my final classes for my masters in entrepreneurship. We had to create a product introduction video to discuss a minimum viable product to consumers. After all my interviews, conversations, research, and personal experience, I have created a potential program for artists interested in arts business consulting. I call it the Co-Creative Challenge. Give it a watch!

2 thoughts on “Introducing The Co-Creative Challenge

  1. I really like the co-creative challenge. The make up, time framing, and challenges for the co-creative challenge is great! The work that you’ve done thus far in the class and the work you’ve put into your business make me want to work harder on my own business, inside and outside of the program. I look forward to seeing how this develops!


  2. You are so clever. What a great way to explain and make fun business classes. Co-creative challenge sound like so much more fun than business classes. Having steps like this also allows a person to do part and then do part during another series. This is great for a busy person.

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