Modern Day Patronage: Thank you, Internet

I would like to introduce you to Patreon. If you are a creative entrepreneur, with a strong social media presence, Patreon has the potential to help you create a measure of sustainable income. Once you create a Patreon page, you tap into your social media network, and ask them to help to support your creative endeavors, one dollar (or perhaps five) at a time. In a perfect world, all your friends, family, and tenuous acquaintances will sign up for Patreon and begin supporting your dreams. Now, before you think I sound flippant, I want you to know I think Patreon is a fantastic service! The company strongly supports their artists and takes great care of the patrons. There is no other service out there like this for artists, at least none that I am aware of, and so long as you have a strong social media presence the potential to secure patrons is unlimited.

2 thoughts on “Modern Day Patronage: Thank you, Internet

  1. Hey Joy!

    I choose to dig into Kickstarter so gaining some knowledge about other crowdfunding platforms has proven to be helpful. I think your analysis of Patreon was helpful towards my learning of crowdfunding. This was different than Kickstarter and the aspects that make Patreon is unique through becoming a patron for creators to continue to develop their skills and not have to worry as much financially.


  2. Nice. I had never heard of this site before. It is a very good concept. It is like the old days where artists and musicians had rich supporters. We definitely need to bring that back. It’s a clever way to market yourself. I think anymore you almost have to bring your art to a social media platform. You can’t simply be an artist anymore you have to be a marketer and businessperson.


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