Financial Narrative for Worthwhile Studio

I have been developing assumptions and financial sheets, including Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Projections. And yes, that is just a boring as it sounds, at least for me. But, I have a renewed clarity for how I see Worthwhile Studio in its startup phase, and how it will look as it grows and matures into a big girl business. Please watch my screencast to understand how Worthwhile Studio plans to blossom and grow!

2 thoughts on “Financial Narrative for Worthwhile Studio

  1. Thanks for setting the bar and doing a screencast for your narrative. It is a really weird thing to start having to add projected numbers to our businesses. It does make you want to describe a little more about what it takes to get from idea to opening the doors to clients. Great job filling in the blanks and hashing out your plan to get there! I’ll come take classes at your studio!


  2. Hey Joy,

    I agree with Nancy in that you set the bar for screencasts for narratives. The idea of WorthWhile is great and was conceived through lots of thought. I know that you mentioned your passion was art and developing your passion into a business is going to help you a ton! Overall the screencast was great. Keep up the great work.


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