7 thoughts on “Crafting a Talking Logo

  1. I love that you made this into a narrative between you and another dinner party guest, with context about why you said what you said. Your initial answer does draw intrigue and the rest flows beautifully. Well done.


  2. Hi Joy,
    I like how you thought of potential questions that one may ask. It shows that you know the usual concerns of your ideal client, and ways that your business may remedy them. Great narration of your talking logo.



  3. Hey Joy!

    I agree with the Intrapreneur who commented first, you did a good job of being able to establish a dialogue between you and your diner party guests. Through creating this narrative, I think that this brings out the creative side of you and your business. Creating space for women to create was an excellent tagline. Overall I would have to say that you did a really good job through stating a point, showing us how the point works, and how those points help your business.


  4. Joy,

    Well, done. I really appreciate your talking logo. You set it up beautifully, and finished up with marketing gold. I think this is a perfect talking logo, and since you have already exercised using it in a normal conversation, you are ahead of the power curve. It does amaze me how many people when asked what they do, miss this golden opportunity to use a talking logo, and move into an extended pitch. It is such a small world, and getting smaller with every technological gain. You never know who you might meet, and how certain relationships might benefit your business. Again, wonderful job. Keep up the good work. Your output as become one of my favorite ones to follow in our class. I wish you the best of luck, not that you will need it.


  5. The music is a great touch and I love the very conversational tone. I also can appreciate that you introduced the deliverable before diving in. Your tone and pace are great. I felt that I was actually at a dinner party and also that I was listening to an “audio talk”. I know you’re a TED talk fan and I can definitely feel those vibes. Great work Joy.


  6. Excellent job Joy! Time and space for women to create is a great teaser for the listener to want to know more. Way to draw them in to an extended conversation. I live how your podcast was a story. You have a good narrator voice lol. The length of the conversation is short and sweet, which is ideal.


  7. Joy,
    Great job as always! I really enjoyed your spin on this assignment by not only making it a conversation but by adding the music as well. It definitely felt like I was listening to an actual podcast. I must agree with everyone else in stating that you have a great tone & pace. Have you ever thought of writing a book? Thank you for sharing and providing inspiration!


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