3 thoughts on “Logo & Brand Identity for Worthwhile Studio

  1. I think your return to hand drawing your logo (initially out of necessity) ended up being the way to go. You are correct that the visible hash marks of your pencil convey something about your business; it’s an ART studio and the logo tells that story. I love that you filmed yourself drawing, a lovely addition to the screencast. Adding a touch of “foxy” burnt orange could be a great touch later on or a great accent color for fonts. Very thorough justification for the logo; well thought out!


  2. Hey Joy!
    I’m definitely impressed with your logo. I think that once the graphic design element comes into play then you will certainly have a solid design that stands out and draws in the attention of your targeted consumer (that’s if you choose to go that route). Your presentation was to the point and provided me with the information I needed to be an informed viewer and audience member. Worth While is well on it’s way to becoming a great business with you at the head driving it forward. I look forward to viewing more of your work over these posts.


  3. Joy,
    First off, I have a fox very similar to that of your logo. I purchased it at a goodwill some years back and he sits in my living room on my bookshelf. Your screencast this week left me with the impression of your passion for your business. You did a wonderful job making a streamlined, clear presentation and then your adding a video of your actual drawing of the logo is very impactful. You should have that video up on your website…it is a brilliant idea. I do like the idea of paint brushes. I would also love to see a color version, but not just in burnt orange, I would like to see some contrasting ideas put into play. You are on the right path, and I can tell you have put effort into the best ideas. Keep working hard, it will pay off.
    I look forward to seeing what you create in the future.


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