4 thoughts on “Looking for the Ideal Client…

  1. Well laid out Joy. Liked that you explained the different aspects of your studio first and then chose your ideal clients. Also your use of the map and images through out the presentation was spot on. You know what your studio offers and who your business will attract. Great job.


  2. I love your behavioral category called “time rich and wealthy”. I can’t wait to be that! Joking aside I am impressed with your ideal client segmentation, particularly that you not only found your adult population numbers for the counties you will serve but because you were able to adjust by socio-economic status. Great job, per usual.


  3. Hey Joy!

    Excellent job with your presentation. I think that Worthwhile is going to be very worth while for you. The paint and pour style classes seem interesting. Also, the small lesson groups also seem really interesting. Theres definitely a market there for your business to grow and for you to be able to seek the benefits of opening up your own art studio that you have in mind.

    The presentation itself was great. I didn’t see anything that stood out as a flaw. I think overall your producing work thats above par and thats something that helps me to want to do through seeing you produce this work. Keep up the hard work!


  4. This idea is so exciting. Like, I am genuinely excited for you and hope this takes off for you. Looking at your contributions makes me want to go do another paint and sip. This is such a great way for you to take your passion and share it and present your expertise to others in the form of a service/product. The perfect way to expand your offering and what you do. Your information here is very clear and easy to understand. Your research seems very solid and is presented well. Kept me interested. I really wish I could get my layout and visuals down pat like you have, they just look so clean cut and are aesthetically pleasing. Your psychographics breakdown really goes into what, I think, is very important depth and makes great points. Great work as always Joy,


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