Goals, Networking, and Taking Action


Hello Artists, Makers, Crafters, and Dreamers! Here is an audio file of my talk Me, Inc., Visualizing Your Creative Practice in Business Terms. This is the first presentation in my Arts and Entrepreneurship Talks. Please note, this is just me, alone in my dining room, practicing being comfortable in front of an audience. Well, that’s not exactly true. I had an audience of four of my daughter’s stuffed animals. They were exceptionally attentive, but a bit lackluster in follow-up questions and conversation! However, the real talk at Starfangled Press went well, with eleven participants and a great round of questions and answers at the end. Thanks to the great group of creative entrepreneurs who came out to learn and support me in my education!

An Art and Entrepreneurship Talk

Me, Inc Press photo

Starfangled Press invites visual artists to attend a talk with Joy Poe about building your business skills as an artist. Joy is an artist, and she is currently persuing her masters in Entrepreneurship at Western Carolina University. Her talk, Me, Incorporated will be held on Saturday, July 28th at 11am and is free and open to the public. Starfangled Press is located at 36 W. Jordan Street in downtown Brevard.

The intent of the talk is to help artists begin to see themselves as creative entrepreneurs. Joy will talk about setting goals, creating networks, and building an actionable plan to reach your goals. In addition, this is a great opportunity to meet local artists, arts-based business owners, and see a snapshot of the arts community in Brevard.

Starfangled Press is a Printmaking studio, gallery, and storefront. Driven by the belief that art makes life better, Starfangled Press aims to connect more art to the everyday. In addition to creating handprinted art and goods that are both fine and affordable, we offer workshops, demonstrations, and services for all levels of experience. Located in beautiful Brevard, NC Starfangled Press is owned and operated by Kristen Necessary. 

For questions or curiosities about the event, please contact Kristen Necessary at http://www.starfangledpress.com or Joy Poe at http://www.worthwhilestudio.com