Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Outdoor Ads No. 1-5

Outdoor Ads are located at The Obie Awards Website

Makers Mark Outdoor ad


4 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Outdoor Ads No. 1-5

  1. Hello Joy,
    Great job on these ads. I like both of the subway ads. The Markers Mark ad was perfectly placed and named. Like you wrote, the action the people were making going down into the subway, is compared to how great it is drinking the Markers Mark. I couldn’t look over the Prince tribute billboard. Having that dove shed a tear is awesome. As a fan I think this ad was right on point.


  2. Very good work Joy. You found some very unique and humorous ads for this assignment. The Fantastic Beast billboard looks absolutely amazing. Makers Mark certainly designed a very clever ad as well. Now, the Prince Ad is very interesting because the objective is not to advertise a product or sale a product, but just to pay respect to an amazing artist. Very good work as usual Joy!


  3. Good afternoon Joy! I love the selection of your advertisements. Custom installation is a clever technique that is intriguing to me. That being said the Maker’s Mark and Field Museum are amazing. It is difficult to catch the attention of a “city slicker,” especially in a place like Chicago. I’m sure people use them as reference points all the time, which helps business.


  4. I really, really enjoyed all of these ads, from the Trojan Horse to the Fantastic Beasts. I alway really enjoy your work and I really appreciate your attention to detail in everything you do.


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