2 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Television No. 5

  1. Hi Joy Great job on the ads. I love the way you are doing the graphics on your posts! You had a great selection of ads and that is great for seeing how many different ways there are to reach people. My favorite was the inglorious fruit ad. It was informative but also engaging. I totally bought in to the idea. It is so great to work on not wasting food like that. It is smart of them to highlight rather than hide the issue. Nice work.


  2. As a huge fan of all things, flowy, stretchy, and breathable. I think this ad really captures the essence and versatility of Lycra. Very cool! I agree with Beth on your eye for graphic design. Your posts are not only greatly informative, they are so much fun to look at. Are you sure you don’t want to go into the creative side of marketing?


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