3 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Television No. 4

  1. Joy,

    Great analysis of the New Balance TV ad. It’s interesting they used a traditional approach with a boy and girl, pink and blue, and even have the girl standing on tip toes in the end. I think you are right on track with the objective and overview and that falling in love is the focus of the ad.


  2. Joy,

    This is such a cute ad and your analysis is on point. I have always worn New Balance – even before they started marketing towards a younger audience. In high school track & field, my reason for wearing New Balance was because it was not uncommon for Nike and Adidas shoes to get stolen. Plus, New Balance was usually less expensive and the quality was great (you could almost always find them on sale more regularly than the “cool” brands). I currently have a pair of NB water shoes that are getting ready to see their sixth summer of activity! By showcasing a young couple’s romantic escapades to the tune of fun music, I would say they did a great job. It certainly makes me want to continue being a repeat customer!



  3. Joy!
    I think this ad spoke to me the most of all the ads you did for Television. I do think your analysis of “old people brand” is correct but I do wish in the future they expand to other “loves” than the traditional boy and girl. They could create a whole series (if they haven’t already) in regards to their hashtag that they created. Great work as always!


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