2 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Television No. 3

  1. Joy,

    Wow! That is a fantastic effort on Intermarche’s part. I agree with the ad’s statement that every grocery store should offer such a selection especially considering the amount of food insecurity around the world. In fact, a recent report stated that 25 percent of children in Buncombe County are considered food insecure. How ridiculous have we become that literally tons of perfectly good food is wasted based on appearance alone? Personally, I found the inglorious produce to be nothing short of adorable! As a consumer and someone who makes a serious effort to consume the adequate daily amount of fruits and vegetables, I would be absolutely thrilled to pay less money for inglorious produce. Bring it on, Ingles.

    Great ad selection.



  2. Great work Joy. I agree with Christian that people should have the option to choose, it could really help families that do not have the funds to buy produce at regular price. So much waste occurs and it is so sad when you think about the people who go to bed each and every night hungry and without. I think ads that bring attention to issues like waste are so very important and I like the informative feel of this ad. Great job Joy.


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