4 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Television No. 2

  1. Joy,

    This was hysterical! At first, I wondered what are these two guys doing, and then I made the connection between the phrase “the boys” and the underwear commercial. It’s so funny to see them uncomfortable and itchy, and then in their glory when they are surrounded by comfort. Great analysis. Jill


  2. Hey Joy!

    This advertisement was hilarious. Sometimes advertisements go a little too far which enables them from reaching a larger audience while some advertisements don’t push limits enough to meet their intended marketing desire. This was an example of the foremost of the two. I think that when it comes to have to market these products, mens underwear, then the company has to be able to make light of the situation because it can be uncountable for men to feel confident go buy underwear.

    Something I was thinking about is what makes an advertisement award winning? Is it the sales that are made for the company that advertised. Is it the judges that grade the commercials on a scale that they use involving visibility, likability, etc. Maybe it’s something entirely different.

    Keep the great work going! I think your blogs are really quite great.


  3. This was the best ad I have seen in a while. As a man I understand completely what this ad is trying to convey. This was great thinking are the marketing team on how to express the idea with out being too vulgar. You also did a great job on all the rest of your selected ads. I like that each one had their own look and feel to them. Great job.


  4. This advertisement is one of the funniest I have seen. It was a little long, but definitely got the point across to the target audience I’m sure. The humor and reactions are realistic, but refrained from being inappropriate for television. Excellent choice!


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