7 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns: No. 5 Radio

  1. This campaign is particularly moving and was hopefully very effective for Washington state. I love hearing the moments when the authors are reading the letters and the power of their own words starts to sink in. There is a raw quality to the ad campaign that I’m sure made them more relatable for those they were trying to reach.


  2. Great post! I love how you broke it down. This looks like a pretty effective marketing campaign. It really reaches to the heart of an issue that has touched many of is in some form or another. I know for some people I know, that would be a target audience for this ad, the idea of having support is crucial. The campaign really captures the important of overcoming a challenge with a support network. This clearly indicated that they new how to connect with the consumer and the struggles that go along with quitting. Thank you for sharing.

    Ellie McIntosh


  3. Joy,
    I really liked this ad and you are spot on with your analysis, objective, action, target audience and value proposition. It’s interesting because the best way to get someone to correct a bad habit is to get them to realize this for themselves and to determine their own reasons for wanting to change. I think this ad is really effective in its approach. Jill


  4. Hey Joy!

    The first thing that I saw and really like was the format/layout you used, it’s visually appealing. The content was great. I have known friends who have smoked and fortunately some of them have quit but the long term aspects are going to kick in the more my friends continue to smoke. The former sentences is me looking at this on a much smaller scale that surrounds my life.

    The advertisement was interesting and the points you made about the various topics were really well noted. I believe that there could possibly be more targeted audience members that they were trying to reach with the ad. The value proposition was spot on! Excellent work Joy!


  5. HI Joy, I found your visuals a great way of following the analysis of each ad. Your format makes your page enjoyable. The smoking ad was most profound. I know that when I hear something out loud, it makes it more present than hearing it in my head. The power of the voice creates a different visual. It becomes a reality; whether that is a good truth or a hard truth. But it also pushes us to take action. The ad offered the support need to change lives.


  6. Joy,

    This is such a powerful message. It was obvious that Ken felt deeply emotional reading his own words aloud. As I listened, I found myself sincerely hoping that he was able to quit smoking. The value proposition is clear cut: Do you choose life or (early) death? It would be interesting to know if the campaign has shown a decrease in the smoking rates in Washington.

    Personally, this topic hits home for me because I have lost three of my four grandparents likely from smoking related causes. They were all wonderful people but started smoking at an early age and during a time when “everyone” smoked. Heart and respiratory disease and cancer caused by smoking are no joke. I get such a bitter feeling inside when I can smell cigarette smoke around me. I’m glad that awareness and smoking cessation efforts are not going away.



  7. Joy,

    I always love reading your work, I definitely believe you go above and beyond and I truly appreciate your attention to detail, not only to your analysis but your execution for sure. I look forward to looking at more of your ad campaigns and work in the future.


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