One thought on “Innovative Leadership in the Arts

  1. I really enjoyed your podcast Joy! The intro and outro music is a great added touch. Your voice was clear and the content was rich. I really like how you pointed out that in order to be a good leader in the arts, one must engage with their community.My younger brother is an artist as well, and we talk about how we think art should be a part of the community. My philosophy is that can be found in every aspect in art, and we limit ourselves in how we introduce “art” to our youth. I’m a coach, former athlete, lover of most sports. I tell people all the time that athletes are artists too. If we broaden our perspective and how we introduce and promote art to our community, I think more creative spaces and opportunities will become available. The other element I think you implied, consciously or unconsciously I’m not sure, is the innovative leaders in the arts must have a strong cultural competence. Art and culture are intertwined and always have been. As always, great job!


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